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Combat Guide

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Getting Started with Combat

Click here for the full manual on combat: The NF Dice System.

To start, dice combat follows the guidelines set out in the manual linked above.

The stats involved in combat require the necessary items connected to them. To use a piece of equipment, you need it in your HUD's inventory.

To begin, you actually have to become engaged in combat through roleplay. This can be the result of an argument, attempted offense, or just sparring. If the combat does not use a surprise attack, all parties agree to combat, and they roll initiative.

After initiative is selected, each player takes a turn pointing out their intended actions, performing the rolls or checks therein, and then posting the roleplay of said action, while the next part is planning their move. Below you can see a example of typical combat post format.

Nora T. Battle made her way out and around the barrier to the first target she could reach; a tall red crystalline buck before her. She winds her prosthetic fist back for a heavy hit. [1ap move, 2ap attack w/ Breacher. 13 dmg if successful]


To attack, you use the attack command. The command is below.

 @attack [number of rolls (found on the item list)] + [Amount of skill for attack used(your skill)]

Items and Traits

Combat at NF makes use of Items and Character traits to drive it. You can find a list of both here While participating in combat is not required to enjoy the sim, if you expect or are looking for conflict, then you'll need to gear yourself. While you can choose a starter weapon when setting up your character, you'll need to get the rest of your gear by purchasing from players or crafting it yourself. Check out our Crafting and Looting System for a more information on getting started.