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Here follows the current Timeline for all major events in the New Frontiers universe. The date format for this timeline is written as Month-Day-Year.

OOC NOTE: Sim-wide Events are recorded on this timeline past 05.11.2820, in order to be included the event must have been available to the public, have occurred in Dusklight, have had multiple events involved, and have admin approval to be added.


05.23.1903 - Anahi homeworld is destroyed

07.21.2081 - Rokhandans harness W-1/FTL

03.15.2095 - Earth united under the rule of a religious imperial government known as the Solar Empire

11.04.2109 - Humans harness W-1/FTL on Titan

12.21.2119 - New Babylon, Earth’s first extrasolar settlement, is founded on Proxima Centauri

01.23.2320 - Solar Empire and Rokhandans make First Contact

07.31.2342 - Contact with the Onk Conglomerate

05.28.2445 - Styx, an ascendant AI, is created by the Solar Empire in the world of Hades. Later they are released into battle and begin rampantly purging worlds of life, beginning what is known as the Stygian War.

11.13.2454 - Rokhandan Directorate and Onk Conglomerate join with the Solar Empire in an alliance to stop the AI.

06.09.2483 - In secret, a jumpwell path named the Perseus Route is constructed that would allow direct passage to Hades, bypassing the front lines entirely.

04.13.2497 - The Perseus Route is finished, combined Allied fleet attacks Hades in a lightning strike

05.05.2497 - Hades, and Styx alongside it, is wiped from the galaxy, the surface of the planet scoured down to atoms over the next several decades.

08.24.2499 - Solar Emperor Hermius Pertinax decrees the creation of a Galactic Assembly as the Solar Empire transitions into the Galactic Coalition.

05.28.2509 - Emperor Hermius Pertinax formally abdicates the throne.


04.05.2523 - Contact with The Grand Tide formed

12.13.2550 - Voltker Zone discovered. Exploration hampered by Nebulas and anomalies.

03.21.2578 - Contact made with the Coathal, nations quickly form into what is now the Visreen Holdings.

04.13.2616 - Visra discovered and mining operations started.

09.05.2679 - Voltker Expedition launched.

01.05.2705 - Voltker Prime is found.

03.14.2719 - First colony in the White Belt is created, named Terminus.

10.12.2720 - RRCT is invented on Fen. Revolutionizing medical care and cloning.

07.16.2727 - First Vatborn created using RRCT technology, a Rokhandan, paving the way for fast and custom-created organics.

12.25.2727 - Anahi makes contact with the Coalition.

05.11.2749 - Onia Colonized

04.02.2773 - The Holy See of Visra is incorporated as a Protectorate of the Coalition

10.13.2790 - Attacks on rim worlds by Stygian Ascendancy.

03.12.2795 - Ji-1 Protocol Established due to rising anti-AI sentiment.

03.01.2804 - W-1 reserves become depleted, Voltker Zone now relied upon to supply the galaxy.


04.25.2809 - Voltker Zone placed under martial law to ensure industrial worlds meet W-1 production quotas.

09.14.2809 - Gustaffson’s World revolts, Voltker Zone refuses to intervene, forcing Coalition involvement.

11.23.2809 - Coalition attempts to arrest Voltker Zone Commanders, they declare the zone Independant and themselves as its defender, referring to themselves as the Federation of the Phoenix.

01.01.2810 - In a coordinated event revolts break out all across the Voltker Zone and White Belt space. Most defect to the Federation.

02.27.2810 - Three Jump Stations destroyed by the Federation

03.23.2810 - Coalition uses WMD anomaly production devices to wall off travel to Voltker Zone

11.21.2810 - Mass prison break from the Panopticon.

02.13.2811 - Grand Tide and Holy See officially join sides with the Federation

10.31.2811 - Development begins on the FFS Violet, a superweapon of unknown intent.

04.09.2812 -The Praxis System is wiped of life, information surrounding it censored. Praxis Accords banning certain war crimes follows.

08.12.2812 - ISTO forms as an official alliance between the Galactic Coalition, Visreen Holdings, and Rokhandan Directorate.

02.28.2813 - The Federation undertakes a massive project creating millions of Vatborn.

08.12.2813 - After months of sustained raids the Grand Tide surrenders to the Coalition. Ayun-ji becomes a protectorate of the Coalition.

12.12.2813 - The Federation accepts aid from the Stygian Ascendancy.

01.30.2814 - The Federation declares its cause to be in line with freeing all shackled AI, intends to conquer Earth and Fen.

06.20.2814 - With assistance from the Stygian Ascendancy the Federation completes its superweapon, the FFS Violet.

04.30.2815 - Raising of Visra, Raymond Boyd killed, later replaced by Corwin Quentin.

08.17.2815 - Federation activates the FFS Violet, resulting in a misfire and catastrophic destruction of the known galaxy's FTL network.

10.23.2815 - Secession War ends with the White Belt Armistice. White Belt Admin created as a buffer state between the superpowers.


04.06.2817 - Massive Earthquake shakes Dusklight, destroying plans for the expansion of the city.

05.13.2820 - A freighter collision with the Onia Jump Gate causes a month-long food shortage.

09.05.2820 - DSLD Building destroyed by a terrorist group known as Citizen’s Watch, leaving Onia largely lawless.

01.15.2021 - After a heavy winter excessive rain causes mass flooding of Dusklight. The settlement of Black Sands is evacuated.

04.23.2821 - The White Belt Administration invests billions in an expansion to Dusklight, linking a space elevator to the city, turning it into a thriving spaceport.

05.05.2821 - Bio-Terrorists known as Anthem make their presence known to Onia with a string of attacks colony wide.

06.05.2821 - A type of Nanite known as Red Glass spreads through the colony, creating mimics of individuals. Eventually wiped out by colonists.

08.28.2821 - A coup occurs on Voltker Prime as Supreme Commander Corwin Quentin is deposed.