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The Federation

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The Federation
Empire Info
Capital Coronet City
Leader Position Awaiting Successor
Government Type Federation
Dominant Species Human, Caera, Hexian
Population 70.1 Bil.
Anthem The Federal Future
Color Scheme Red and Green


On paper and by reputation the Sovereign Federation of Free Worlds, colloquially known as Federation is a military dictatorship on all the planets it has control over. The Supreme Commander has final say on everything from where buildings are placed to how people may behave, though often they will delegate these responsibilities to lesser officers and generals. What often isn’t addressed by those outside of the Federation, partly due to propaganda from the Coalition, is that these planets are what would be considered among other nations to be dedicated military posts. The only planets truly under control of the Federation directly are these worlds. The soldiers, engineers, and scientists who live there however are never natives of those worlds. They all arrive from the dozens of independent worlds who rely on the Federation to maintain their sovereign status.

On those worlds cultures vary, governments can be found in all shapes and forms, and species are of all breeds. The only thing which unites them is a desire to remain this way, and the dues they pay to uphold peace.


The government of the Federation is by definition a Stratocracy. All positions within the government are held by military officers and the leadership consists of a Supreme Commander with a security council of admirals from the various systems under Federation protection beneath them.

Every 5 years an assembly of representatives from every system and planet under the Federation meets and makes a decision over who shall command the combined forces. Thus far however they have always made the decision to retain the current commander and some have begun to send their votes in for his continuation of power without debate. During this assembly the Supreme Commander will also give an address and speak on the state of affairs. Below this level the Federation is organized much like any other military. Each fortress world under Federation control is treated like its own base. It is here that the real politics are played, deals made and secrets shared to ensure that soldiers proud of their homeworlds are allowed to rise in the ranks. At the peak they may even gain command of a world, a position which would secure the safety of their world should a new war break out.


Due to its unique nature the Federation is not one singular culture but rather a collection of cultures working together to survive. The majority is Human, however there are large populations of Caera, Hexians, and numerous other minor species who were originally subjugated beneath the Coalition.

Former Human Colonies

See the Voltker Prime page for more info

Making up the majority of the Federation worlds, the human worlds that were once solidly part of the Coalition are often treated as the face of the Federation by those outside of it. The slavic cultures that are common across these worlds have become somewhat of a stereotype. Cyrillic and a descendant of Russian remains a common language throughout these harsh worlds. Most of the planets are of the harsher to be found in this region of space, mining operations, large scale agricultural projects and factory worlds a common sight. As a result the people there are hardier than most, creating what is the closest the Federation has to a unified culture between worlds.

The bulk of these worlds can be found on the edge of Federation space, serving as a bulwark against invasion, more and more systems being offered as Fortresses each year to create an Iron Wall against the Coalition.


‘’See the Tal-Sheed page for more info’’

The various clans of the Caera maintain a strong representation within the Federation. Their focus on improving and perfecting both themselves and their race as a whole has proven quite the asset to the fledgling empire. Their soldiers find their way into special operations more often than not and their engineers, especially those of the Illuminated Path, make their mark on the defenses of the fortress worlds that protect the frontier realm from potential attacks.


‘’See the Vaeus page for more info’’

The Imperial Vae’Hex Dominion makes up one of the more extreme cultures found within the Federation and likely the one most excited to do away with Coalition control. Amongst Federation members they above all others take on the stance of self governance with a strong territoriality, defending their government and genetic laws aggressively. While they continue to donate towards the cause of protection and independence that the Federation touts they rarely call on it for aid. As such their culture is far more isolated from the rest of the Voltker Zone


The military of the Federation operates largely off of planets that have been transformed into fortresses for the singular purpose of defending against invasions, originally these were built by the Coalition to defend against unknown threats from space but now they make for excellent platforms to defend against the Coalition itself. Due to the Secession War many of its soldiers are veterans and overall the land based forces, collectively known as the Mezmarines, are considered to be the most well trained in the galaxy.

These worlds form a figurative wall of defenses known as the Helix Array, named for the Helix Nebula that marks entrance to the Voltker Zone. Each planet is fitted with troops and vehicles to hold off an invasion long enough for the other worlds to send aid and repel nearly any attack.

The secondary part of the military is the Federation Flotilla, a mixed fleet of formerly Coalition ships as well as a number of craft of unique design from the independant worlds under Federation protection. Due to the sheer defensive might of the Helix Array the main mission of this fleet is to patrol the outer edges of Federation space to the north and west, ensuring no attacks come from the unknown. The third force within the Federation is the Merzital, a group of special forces that operate directly under the control of the Supreme Commander. Only called on for the most important of missions and receiving the best equipment a hundred worlds can provide. The Merzital is treated by most as a sort of Boogeyman, blamed or any assassination or plot to destabilize a world that hasn’t been contributing its fair share to the Federation.


Due to the nature of the original colonization efforts in this region of space many of the worlds in the Federation were built to be specialized zones of production supported by supplies from Coalition space. Following the Secession War these worlds have had to make quick adjustments and coordinate with allies to ensure survival. Many faced famine as once vital food shipments came to a halt. However, as the Federation began to reestablish trade lines after the war this would only strengthen the bonds forged in war. Many worlds formed trade alliances between one another until a true independence of resources can be held. After years now the Federation has begun to reap the near limitless resources of the Voltker Zone, with many believing that within another 10 years they may be able to surpass the Coalition.


In terms of technology the Federation worlds often find themselves behind the rest of the galaxy, largely due to the number of uplifted races and industrial worlds without a longstanding tradition of education. Many of their more advanced ships are either gifts from allies or ships stolen from enemies at the start of the Succession War. Since gaining independence however the Federation has slowly begun to create labs and form research teams with the hope of cutting that gap. Several worlds have jumped at the opportunity to demonstrate their capability for the sciences where before they were often overlooked by the Coalition in favor of Earthborne Scientists.