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Reeves Star Security

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Reeves' Star Security
Employment Application
Faction Leader CEO & Security Director Taylee Von Schafer (Cop.Mommy)
Senior Staff 2IC Acting Deputy Security Director
Major Kaylee Von Schafer (Meia.Cosmos)

3IC Chief Administrative Officer
Captain Jackson Hikonori (DogWithABanana)

Alignment Neutral Good
Type Law Enforcement & Security Service Agency
Headquarters STAG Tower, Fawnder Street, 440 Orbital District

Organization Motto

"Securing All You Value"


Reeves’ Star Security (RSS) is a private security service agency contracted by STAG Industries. Governmentally contracted with primary and special law enforcement authority. RSS focuses on maintaining peace and order, ensuring community safety, and collaboration to further create a secure environment within the Dusklight Colony.

Etiquette & Uniform

RSS members are expected to act professionally and are held to high standards during their on-duty shifts. Given the serious environment in which they often operate, camaraderie among fellow RSS members is expected and greatly encouraged. Demonstrating respect towards your fellow officers is not only a matter of courtesy but also a reflection of commitment to your safety and the quality of life within Dusklight. Our duty extends beyond just protection; It’s about maintaining excellence and discipline as a protector of the colony.

Regarding uniforms, the RSS places a strong emphasis on professionalism and attire that avoids provocation. Acceptable options encompass dress shirts, slacks, shorts, and polo shirts, with a preference for darker hues in personal clothing choices. The department’s primary color palette revolves around Dark Grey and Gold while White and lighter shades of Grey are reserved for pauldrons and underlying garments. For more information, please see our Appearance Guide.

Emergency Response Vehicles

Blueprints of GBD Fencer
Blueprints of GBD Pegasus

The Fencer Hover Bike

By harnessing an exclusive iteration of Amon and Sons' 8 KW High-Frequency Self-Oscillating Repulsion Drive, the Gunnersberg Dynamic Fencer achieves unmatched mobility across diverse terrains.

Through a revamped internal structure that incorporates advanced composite materials, the Fencer successfully sheds excess weight without compromising its load-bearing capabilities. This combination allows effortless navigation through the colony's narrow passageways while still bearing an RSS Officer and his equipment safely to the operation zone.

RSS Officer enforcing traffic with Fencer
RSS Officer exiting their Pegasus.

Savings gained from the redesigned frame has allowed Reeves' Star Security to install a custom-fitted plasma induction vent, allowing for short term gains in both acceleration and top-speeds that exceed the performance of the shelf models of the standard Fencer Bike.

The Pegasus Hover Truck

The Gunnersberg Dynamics Pegasus, a specialized personnel carrier crafted for emergency response and capable of carrying multiple passengers and detainees, provides nearly impenetrable security.

Its formidable defense system includes an intricate armor configuration, featuring a composite polymer lattice beneath alternating layers of steel and ceramic plates, all coated with highly heat-resistant Kevlar.

Furthermore, it can comfortably seat up to six occupants, including the driver. Its High-Frequency Self-Oscillating Repulsion Drive generates intense air vibrations, enabling effortless drifting and movement on any terrain.

Reeves’ Star Security Organizational Divisions


Patrol (Primary & Special Operations)

Consisting of the most visible line of officers within the RSS. Members of this division prioritize patrols from day to day with consistent presence and responses to all calls within the region. Few members of this division are chosen to join the RSS’ tactical group, ‘The Rangers’.

Division Roles
Role Duties
Patrol Officer The most visible personnel of the RSS, they're responsible for security within their assigned route. They relay criminal situations or incidents and act as first responders.
Traffic Enforcer Mostly on Fencers, they frequent active roadways utilized by the public and maintain traffic safety and order.
Ranger Operative Specialized with cross-training of multiple disciplines. The Rangers exercise special weapons and tactics operations including physical rescues and counterterrorism.

Investigations (Investigative & Forensic Operations)

Specializing in investigations and forensics. These officers don the title of Detectives and apply special investigative methods and techniques when required. Various units may exist in the division with specific target areas of crime including Major Crimes, Narco-Vices, and Organized Crime. Investigators follow-up on all active cases from the beginning to the closing of it.

In coordination with Patrol, any crime scene potentially containing evidence will be secured and Forensic Operatives will then apply RCMPT (Recognize, Collect, Mark, Preserve, and Transmit). Further analysis including autopsies are also taken care of by Investigations.

Division Roles
Role Duties
Detective Being assigned cases from their patrol counterparts, they determine whether a crime was actually committed by law or regulation and pursue suspects for arrest.
Forensic Operative Applying strict procedures, they recognize, collect, and preserve all potential evidence and circumstances of primary and secondary crime scenes through proper documentation.
Detective-Coroner Medically trained and knowledgeable, they work hand in hand with forensics in performing autopsies on bodies relevant to any criminal incident.
Undercover Operative Vital to the Intelligence Office, they gather information and process such through documentation procedures that make aforementioned info actionable, thus: Intel.

Administration (Recruitment and Training + Internal Affairs)

Administrative Officers conduct Internal Affairs, Communication and Auxiliary Support for the RSS. Usual upkeep, personnel maintenance, recruitment and training, and armoury services fall under the division’s purview. Mostly stationed and active within the RSS' office spaces, they run the department like a working machine in the background.

Division Roles
Role Duties
Internal Affairs Officer Maintaining officer standards and enforcing policies on potential violators within the RSS. They report to the CAO and Office of the Security Director directly.
Training Instructor Instilling RSS' values in all new cadets through standard training and lessons until they're deemed ready by their respective instructors.
Recruitment Officer They process all applicants and interview them once their application is accepted and the individual is vetted.
Quartermaster In charge of requisitions and acquisitions to all officers for their issued equipment, they log and record every article of item leaving and entering the armoury.
Health Officer Mainly responsible for the mental and physical health of RSS Personnel, they are versatile as support for Investigations and Field Medics for Patrol.

Rank Structure

RSS has a structured ranking system that begins with Cadets, who undergo training and probation. Successful Cadets become Deputies, responsible for colony security. Experienced officers can advance to Non-Commissioned Officers (NCOs), assuming leadership roles. The highest leadership positions are held by Members of RSS Command, responsible for strategic decisions and policy implementation.

The RSS ranking structure begins as follows from the beginning:

  • Cadets undergo a probationary phase where they learn and train to become a fully initiated officer within the RSS. After a trial, the probationary phase would end and they would be promoted to Deputy.
    • Cadets are paygrade D-0.
  • Deputies and their respective classes will gradually have more responsibilities and expectations placed upon them, as they are trusted and fully vetted officers who have proven past cadetship. As the backbone of the RSS, they handle most duties including Colony Security.
    • Deputy paygrades extend from D-1 to D-4.
    • Cadet Graduates are promoted to Deputy Basic (D-1)
    • Subsequent promotions in order are Deputy Third Class, Deputy Second Class, and Deputy First Class.
  • Experienced Officers will have opportunities to advance into leadership positions in either an operational or technical manner as Non-Commissioned Officers (NCOs) in paygrades past Deputy.
    • Aspiring leaders start as Corporals.
    • Subsequent promotions in order are Sergeant, Senior Sergeant, Master Sergeant, Sergeant Major.
    • Paygrades of D-8 and D-9 get alternative titles when in administration. Respectively, First Sergeant and Command Sergeant Major.
    • The paygrades for above start from D-5 through D-9 respectively.
  • Higher leadership positions such as commanding officers of units and divisions are usually commissioned and encompass the core of RSS Command as a body. The body is responsible for overall strategy and policy implementation throughout RSS.
    • Commissioned Officers such as Lieutenant, Captain, and Major.
    • The paygrades are O-1 to O-3 for the respective titles above.
    • The Security Director and their Deputy Security Director are the highest-ranking executive officers within the RSS.

For clarification:

There are paygrades denoting your ranks, these same ranks have titles and there are abbreviations for those titles for many various ways to address the rank.

Paygrades go up, as in D-1 through D-9.

Within titles, Deputies start at Basic, Third Class, Second Class, and First Class. The abbreviations reflect that from DEP, DP3, DP2, DP1.

D-1 (Paygrade); Deputy Basic (Title); DEP (Abbreviation)

Once more,

D-4 (Paygrade); Deputy First Class (Title); DP1 (Abbreviation)

Commissioned Officers (Senior Leadership)
Agency Paygrade O-5 O-4 O-3 O-2 O-1
Uniform Insignia
Security Director Rank Insignia.png
Deputy Security Director.png
Title Security Director Deputy Security Director Major Captain Lieutenant
Abbreviation SECD DSD MAJ CPT LT
Non-Commissioned Officers (Junior Leadership)
Agency Paygrade D-9 D-8 D-7 D-6 D-5
Uniform Insignia
Command Sergeant Major.png
Sergeant Major.png
First Sergeant.png
Master Sergeant.png
Senior Sergeant Up.png
Sergeant Up.png
Corporal Up.png
Title Command Sergeant Major Sergeant Major First Sergeant Master Sergeant Senior Sergeant Sergeant Corporal
Regular Rankers (Main Body)
Agency Paygrade D-4 D-3 D-2 D-1 D-0
Uniform Insignia
Deputy First Class.png
Deputy Second Class.png
Title Deputy First Class Deputy Second Class Deputy Third Class Deputy Basic Cadet
Abbreviation DP1 DP2 DP3 DEP CDT

OOC Information

As the law enforcement group within New Frontiers, the RSS often confronts various criminal and/or disruptive organizations.

Consequently, it is considered a PvP oriented faction, allowing players to engage in combat with each other with mutual consent.

It’s important to note that all hostilities are to be kept in-character, and there should be no out-of-character animosity.

If players ever feel personally targeted or attacked by any RSS member, we encourage them to contact the group’s leadership or open a support ticket on the NF Discord Server.

Our primary goal is to ensure a fair and welcoming role-playing environment for all players.