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House Ajnoria

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House Ajnoria
HoY Shield 2.png
Faction Leader Eve (HazardLl)
Senior Staff Solaria ((Nimmlers))
Alignment Lawful Neutral
Type Noble House
Headquarters Residential Hold


Founded in 2130, House Ajnoria was one of the noble houses rising in the wake of Martian settlement. Harkening back to the days of the Solar Empire, its history is both vast and rich but as the Solar Empire faded into history, so did House Ajnoria's place in the galaxy. Today, The Noble house of Ajnoria has risen from the ashes and looks to reclaim its old historic deed to Onia and to bring civilization and peace to Onia, for the glory and freedom of the Federation! With the backing of The Federation, The House seeks to not only gain back Onia into its holdings once again, but also to harness and control the strange anomalies that plague Onia. The House of Ajnoria welcomes all to its lands and to aid the needy, the less developed and rule with honor and nobility.

— Ignis Accipiter, Surgit ad Astra

Laws of Chivalry

The Silver hawk of Sayadi Hawk Flies upwards. Above it, a symbol of humanity’s origin, Shamash and the two moons of Voltker Prime in partial occlusion.

OOC: Rule and order are major themes to a noble house, and are primarily RP creators, not restrictors. Behavior is encouraged but beyond sim rules and restrictions imposed specifically by leadership, adhering to these laws should be tools to increase our ability to roleplay, not to limit your character. Ideals to strive towards, there are many factions for villainous or self-serving characters, and your character may be imperfect, but it is the constant striving to be something more that defines someone of ‘noble’ intent.

Please uphold or try to uphold above all else the Golden Rule in all OOC matters, “Do to others what you would wish done to you.” We all fail, but we should consider that other people have feelings and we should all strive to be first of all, kind hearted. Oftentimes this is violated not by an attempt to do wrong to others, but a need to correct or be right. We all feel pain, and we too often use that pain as a weapon to hurt others, which simply perpetuates anguish.

IC Expectation
When you wear your house colors, you are an ambassador of your house. You represent your house, and you should act with the respect your house deserves. As such your actions in our colors are to be judged more strictly than those out of them and while out of color you have more freedom, within it we expect you to uphold the best of behavior. We hope you maintain this when you're off duty, but the standards will be noticeably lowered.
OOC Expectation
Basically just try to behave a bit better in uniform, part of the theme is to be better than you are, but we all need breaks. Out of uniform is for breaks.
IC Expectation
The house is supreme, we are above the tussles and squabbles of the so called ‘factions.’ But our exact requirements differ based on rank. Those of the general-populace are not permitted to join any group that demands loyalty to a foreign cause. Officers however must devote themselves fully to the House, abandoning connections to any group that is not a humble business, religious institution, or non-political entity.
OOC Expectation
General members are not restricted except for well, obviously SRG. Officers may not be members of anything other than DWU, GR is too loyal to corps and is therefore not really ok for an officer either. Also like, ‘immoral’ acts are not ok for minor nobility.
IC Expectation
We abstain from violence if possible, but when we do fight, we must fight with honor. This does not mean that we refuse stealthy, subtle or discrete tactics, but we avoid directly underhanded actions. A challenge should be met, and it should settle an issue. An assassination can be an honorable act, there is a path of subterfuge that remains within honor, but one should not lie about their achievements, they should not boast without reason, and they should meet a challenge.
OOC Expectation
Try to be ‘honorable’ in combat, avoid being a boisterous jerk, but do not shy from your achievements, don’t lure out people under false pretenses, an assassin can still be noble, a criminal can act with honor, but try not to be a jerk who ‘has’ to win. Win because of your own achievement and on your loss, lose with honor. Think Klingons, not Skaven.
IC Expectation
Even the lowest level of our house still represents the house, spewing vitriol within comms is to be avoided, baseless accusations and ignoble behavior should be frowned upon. Someone may engage in personal vices in private, but should avoid public drunkenness or public immorality. This includes any form of social media. Do not publicize your sexual conquests, personal feuds or emotional insecurities.
OOC Expectation
Try not to shit post, be responsible as you can, IC chatter is great for casual conversation but you should generally try to be publicly an upstanding person. Obviously not a hard and fast rule but we should all try to make the sim a better place, and to reflect upon each other's characters.
IC Expectation
A noble warrior will not stand for despots, they do not stand for oppression and they stand against exploitation of the weak. The house does not rule through fear or removal of rights, it stands for its people. Whether the exploiter is a Baron of the house or a Coalition governor, there is no difference, true nobility will stand against inequity and evil without regards to allegiance.
OOC Expectation
Speak up if you feel something leadership has done is wrong. Silence will never improve a group nor will it improve the sim. This goes both IC and OOC. This is not an encouragement to second-guess or undermine authority, to nitpick, but rather to take a stand when you or your character feel they must.
IC Expectation
The most noble of attributes is to embody generous behavior, hold hands out wide, give what you can to who you can, the man who does not give has no noble habit. It is better to live in rags so your servants can still eat, than to live in a palace in a land of paupers.
OOC Expectation
Help people, a major theme is aiding those worse off than you. Think less about repayment for your good acts, for your gifts, help, gear, etc. And think more about how you can help others. ICly you’re backed by a rich, noble, powerful house and this mission is one of honor, not of profit. Help new players and help each other, help people who play the needy and generally try to be like, good.
IC Expectation
To own a magnanimous personality, to embody a being who is larger than life, who stands above others, not due to rule of law or force of arms, but due purely to the force of their personality is the ultimate ideal.
OOC Expectation
This is hard for most of us, but it's a classic law of chivalry. It’s to be larger than life, to be greater than you can be. Strive to be a force of personality that others look to as an inspiration. Characters that embody the idea of this is Brian Blessed in (anything Brian Blessed has been in) or Sollaire from Dark Souls. Strive to be so grossly incandescent!

Roles and Ranks


Leadership wears gold and green (Hex# 0d5131, with gold (Hex# e3b56c) dominant. Leadership has more say over specifics and may also have dominant silver, white, or colors of their choosing but gold should have a prominent place on their armor.

Lord/Lady Castellan The Lord Castellan is the leader of the newly-arrived chapter on Onia. A non-hereditary noble title, Castellan is a highly ranked officer of the House’s retinue, entrusted with loyally serving the House’s interests on a holding or colony. If a member of the noble family is not on the planet, they effectively govern in the House’s name.

The Lord Castellan’s role on Onia is far more limited, a tight balancing act of dealing with foreign powers while following the chapter’s goal of regaining the resources of Onia entitled to them. While they have complete control over the retinue on Onia, they still serve at the whim of the Arch Duchess, just as all below them.

Prelate The Prelate is the Lord Castellan’s right-hand, focused more on the day-to-day issues of running the chapter and engaging in its business.

While the Castellan may make the decisions, it is generally the Prelate that ensures they are carried out. Traditionally, they also serve as the royal officer in charge of justice. If a crime is committed or a House member wrongs another, it is the Prelate who passes judgment.

Swordmaster Officer in charge of the Houseguard. Trains and does whatever with the guard at home, but only does any offensive actions at the bidding of the Prelate. In the environment of Onia, the Swordmaster is a master of strategy and subterfuge.


Officers wear Green (Hex# 00524A) and Silver (hex # variable, white to grey) with gold (Hex# e3b56c) accents are required to wear these colors in some prominent manner while upholding their duty.

Knight While many aspire to be granted a knighthood, relatively few rise to the standards of long service and ideals. Skilled, sharp, and entirely loyal to the House, knights are the elite of the Houseguard. Usually seen leading Houseguard footmen in combat, on Onia they are tasked also with guarding the chapter’s manor and escorting the nobility as needed.

To be a knight is to embody the concept of chivalry, honor, and the highest ideals of the House.

Consul A Consul is an expert. Experienced, with long years of service in their field. Diplomats, bureaucrats, scientists and merchants, corporate leaders. They serve the House in their roles, and are trusted to give the Prelate guidance when asked.

General Players

Houseguard and Attendants wear Green (Hex# 00524A) and white (whatever is whitest), they are required to wear these colors in some prominent manner while upholding their duty. Priests wear whatever liturgical colors are required for the season or their faith, federation attaches wear federation dress uniform colors of Red (7a1400) and Green (3b4030) Recruits only wear white in dress uniform.

Houseguard The rank-and-file of the forces the House has on Onia. Whether transferred from the House’s home holdings or freshly recruited on the planet… serves for X number of years, gets a home back on a holding planet, or promise of land on onia??
Attendant The true backbone of the House. The household and diplomatic staff, the bureaucrats, scientists and merchants. Any person sworn to the House in a non-military role could be classified as an attendant.
Priest A priest is a standard member of the house, there may be ecclesiastic ranks and progress within their church but this is not, to the house, a matter of their purview. A priest, however, is limited in their role within the House as their duties are to their god, Gods, spiritual belief, etc. Not the house first and foremost. Their duties are to be a spiritual center to the house, to guide and to question, to hold services and to uphold the tenets of their faith.

Any member of a faith is welcome within the house, so long as they do not directly oppose the Noble Path of the church. (I.E. A Reventlovite would have to stand against neural transference between man and machine--though they may still be pro AI.))

SFFW Attache While the House’s first loyalty is unto itself, it still believes in the ideals of the Federation and will serve its interests. When they don’t conflict with the House’s. Attaches are any representatives of the Federation government that serve in the House’s retinue to further those goals. Providing information, intelligence, or resources, and attempting to ensure the House’s activities stay aligned with the Federation’s.

While they may be under the Prelate’s command, the House is mindful that their true loyalty is to the Federation itself.

Retainer A military recruit. A new attendant. These persons have not yet taken an oath to the House, and not only must prove themselves to be a worthy addition, but must prove they can hold the House’s ideals high. Not yet trusted with real work, a retained recruit or attendant’s time is most often spent training and running errands.


  • An oath of loyalty sworn to the Arch Duchess and the House when recruits ‘graduate’.
  • Anyone who bears arms takes another oath, at the same ceremony. Swearing their life to the House and to their brothers?
  • Anyone achieving the rank of Knight is to be referred to as sir or dame. Anyone achieving the rank of consul is to be referred to as sir or madam. Those who do not identify as either male or female may choose their prefix as chosen, defaulting to sir if one is in question. The ascension ceremony involves the swordmaster of the house
  • Anyone achieving the rank of consul is to be referred to as sir or madam. Those who do not identify as either male or female may choose their prefix as chosen, defaulting to sir if one is in question. The ceremony involves a formal meeting of the house, a declaration of loyalty unto the house, and the tapping of the sword to both shoulders. While consuls are not knights, their ceremony is the same


House of Ajnoria Phoenix

Founded in 2130, House Ajnoria was one of the noble houses rising in the wake of Martian settlement. From these humble beginnings they rose throughout the Solar Empire and were given claim to one of the areas of space now making up a portion of both the white belt and the Voltker expanse. It was a notoriously fiery, moralistic House whose motto reflected its role, ‘In Vigilans Accipiter’ or, ‘The Watchful Hawk.’ Its cautious approach, tendency towards soft-touch power plays via proxies, political maneuvering and trade earned it ire in the former Solar Empire, who saw them as having a heretical lack of faith in humanity’s destiny.

Contrasting this was its view among non-human powers. While the Empire grew a reputation for forceful expansion and domination, Ajnoria was often the power that ensured more peaceful operations and even ensured that the integration of imperial subjects was as benevolent as possible. To this day, house Ajnoria has allies among the political factions of most non-human powers, even those it is opposed with, and Ajnoria originating charity organizations across the known galaxy are, while not omnipresent, consistent throughout the holdings of the former Solar Empire.

However, Ajnoria’s fortunes fell. The Coalition’s rise meant many of its old political rivals had a perfect opportunity to ‘democratize’ many of its central holdings. It lost its sector of Mars, its holdings on Alpha Centauri and most of its other core-world holdings. Its numerous philanthropic organizations became related only in name and history, and little remained but the promised ‘future’ holdings across the distant belts, a few colonies and house seats. Like many other former Great Houses of the Solar Empire, House Ajnoria became instrumental in populating, uplifting and ensuring modernization and progress in what would later be known as the Federation, and some of the ancient founders of the Coalition see Anya Sayadi Ajnoria’s fingers all over the schism that led to the Federation’s rise. Some even suspect she had this plan since before the Coalition was founded.

A particular note of their more modern history was a shift from the religion that had dominated their solar-cult days, evolving into a spiritual philosophy known as the Noble Path. They believed the solar cult is a relic of the past and while the lady Anya was alive for its rise, she has also seen its failures, idiocy, and little evidence of its effectiveness. No, it is a religion for misleading the peasants on Earth, not for one such as her. What did interest her were the writings of her sixth son, Elwin. Elwin proposed that all of Earth’s religions held a central root origin, and wrote extensive justification of this belief. Moreover in his old age he began implementing some alien religions, notably that of the Lumii faith, and how it too, was derivative of Terran religion, just interpreted by the Visrans during their tumultuous origin. The beliefs of the faith have altered the foundational Solar belief that made up its beginning, and run counter to its conclusions. The faith is incredibly open, but it has some sovereign rules that measure

  • The Soul’s sanctity must be maintained. True cybernetic conversion is a travesty. The follower’s of the noble Path are opposed to brain transference and prefer biological methods of life-extension. This does not make them anti-AI, as many interpret AI as having ‘cybernetic souls’ but they do not believe man should become a machine, or visa versa, as they walk separate paths.
  • Sol is unimportant and the gods of the Solar Cult are simply animistic interpretations of their world. The prophecies and writings were misinterpreted and instead referred to mankind’s central importance to the history of the galaxy.
  • Humanity has a special destiny in the cosmos, their expansion into the stars is unmatched but Humanity’s failure was to expand without measure. The true role of humanity is to guide species to peaceful exaltation and self actualization, so they too can rise in time to the same heights. Forcing Visra to become part of galactic civilization ‘before their time’ was a crime, as were the terrible measures done to shatter the Poliesu and drive them into savagery by the Directorate.
  • The Noble Path is one of gentle kindness, stern self discipline and the will to let others walk their own path, to advise, but never to force.

One of the difficulties of this is mind transference in case of violent death or traumatic incidents. Among those of the house, from their general holdings is an incredible solution. A technology of an Ankit Glass, rather than a traditional mind-transference, the Ankit Glass keeps the consciousness in a continuous, evolving loop, rather than storage or duplication often found in ‘normal’ transhuman preservation. This complex array constantly monitors the brain, and according to its makers, does not ‘copy’ the mind, but ‘transfers’ the soul in an instant, preventing it from experiencing major interruptions. This is attached to a personal assistant, a ‘ALI’ or an Artificial Limited Intelligence, not truly capable of independent thought, but tailored to be a personal friend, assistant, companion and monitor. This ALI begins the mental transference prior to death and safeguards and consoles the trapped spirit, kept in continuous loop until a new body can be composed. This often comes in the form of a drone, a PDA, or occasionally a religious token such as a crucifix or a prayer rope.

  • An ankitglass- named after the shard or gem of ankit glass at its center- is the actual mind-transference device, attached to a drone assistant, PDA, necklace or religious token.
  • Ankit glass, initially referred to as W-3, is a foggy, milky if still colorless substance, though it has a pearlescent sheen in certain lighting, creating prismatic rainbow effects easier than normal glass. It is created from a rare exotic element known as ankit. It is cut and polished into a brilliant gem, and then etched with intricate internal and external patterns via a technique that is a closely guarded secret of the house. The gems are slightly numbing to the touch and seemingly unable to reach temperatures above 23 degrees or below 17 degrees celsius.
  • It has a wide variety of rumored properties, and traces of it are present in numerous precursor artifacts of uncertain purpose that seem to have no actual applicable effect. It is common for researchers of the house to have an interest in these objects as well as the glass in general. Despite its known application by the house. Research into the glass has become a passtime of House scientists, however very little further applications have been discovered.

The First Ajnorian Charterhouse of Onia

The Charterhouse is located in Residential and the surrounding Federation territories in Little Voltker, of which they have nearly complete legal control of. Their personnel amount to around 3000 guards, servants, secretaries, etc. This control is not so much in the ‘we own the business’ so much as they manage the land, leases and own the properties themselves. Additionally, they police and maintain the area and aim to keep the district pleasant but not overbearing. They are less concerned over enforcing the ‘rule’ as convincing the populace they are valuable . As such, minor ‘victimless crimes’ are of little interest to the great house. But broader crimes, such as vigilanteism, assault, murder, rape, extortion etc. are of their immediate concern. Actions are duties and day to day RP of house members and servants.

  • Police the Territory: Enforce general lawfulness, be on guard, patrol the little voltker district, don’t let other groups enforce ‘law’ there (though begrudgingly aid and work with the Marshals, despite their illegitimate claim on the planet, they ARE the legal authority, for now.)
  • Protect Others: Aid local businesses on the Voltker side, don’t enforce rules. Ivan’s is owned by Ivan, it is not owned by the Federation and we would claim no control over it. But we should be friends ready to back it up against threat, to protect its people. They are on our territory and we do protect what is ours. Be a friend to the locals, never an adversary.
  • Hunting: A long tradition of the house is hunting game both deadly or evasive. These are often more ceremonial, and while they may be after a deadly prize animal, they may be a difficult hunt with reduced resources against a less rare beast. A humble wild boar is a dangerous and deadly foe if you fight it with a spear. A wild bull is far more dangerous with javelins and a slaying side sword than with a rifle. But great beasts may require greater weapons. Organizing great hunts to bring a prize with the least deadly weapons possible are matters of pride for the house.
  • Scouting the Wilds: The frontier is a lawless and dangerous place filled with mysteries and threats. Wandering it and ensuring up to date information on the groups that call it home, and the beasts about is not an uncommon duty, and documenting plant species, soil erosion, and other endeavors is valuable to the house. A true noble is a caring steward of nature.
  • Participate in public displays of pageantry and holidays. The House is especially fond of Earth holidays, both religious and secular.
  • Some notable Non-Terran holidays include:
    • Foundation-Day is a holiday celebrated on the summer solstice (June 20-22). It celebrates the foundation of the house on Mars, long ago. Birds and fire dancing are common features to its celebration. Celebrations last three days from dawn till dawn again. Traditions follow the path the house took, beginning with a fast in remembrance of the crimes of the Coalition, followed by a joyous two day feast in honor of the House and Federation.
    • Caiyr is a Vennist tradition, a solemn religious holiday celebrating the sacrifices and those lost in the Secession War,. It is a time of reflection and prayer, other religions as well as secular members of the Federation have adopted its general traditions. Prayer, meditation, home-cooked meals and a moment when every member of the celebration tells others something they are thankful for in the last month. It is a quiet holiday, but not entirely dull.
    • Friday. The day Friday holds a special value to the house, even the founder says she’s not sure how the tradition got started, but today servants of the house hold it as a day of goodwill. It is not expected but heavily encouraged to go out and aid another in a task each friday.

OOC: House members from Onia may have different personal opinions, but the House’s cultural and official standing are along these lines.

Opinions of Other Factions

Summit Resource Group

While mercenaries are dishonorable, innately disloyal and engaged in an ugly profession, we must still respect our foes. It is not hate that drives the House and SRG to be opposed, it is politics, politics with origins before the organization was founded, and politics whose game will play out long after its members have passed on from age and it is not but a footnote in history. Treat your opponent with respect, dignity and decorum, but do not forget that they are your enemy.

The OSIRIS Network

There’s little pleasant about scum. They are content to live in the mud of society, to swim in the refuse and filth. They are below the cadre, not enemies, not necessarily allies, but definitely below those of greater purpose.

The Findsmen

Is there any more hubris than a few locals insisting they are better at protecting the galaxy than a government? The Findsmen are mad and will inevitably do untold horrors based upon the whims of their members. They are of temporary utility but should never be trusted.

Triton Alliance

There is something quaint about Triton, and as our hand played a part in its origin we feel some loyalty to their cause. Revolutionaries claiming to be the true Government of Onia? We shall see if their claims hold true, who knows, a future may involve their shadow-governor becoming a local governor not for an alliance of angry men, but for a great House.

Stag Industries

The Golden Rabbit: Are you really asking our opinion on prostitutes? As long as they know to wait on our needs if we lower ourselves to visit their den of debauchery, we have no particular interest in their being. Reeve Star Security: Corporate Cops

Dandelion Wine

Coalition defectors, pirates and opportunists, they are too distant to be of great utility and have little loyalty to anyone but themselves, but they are also not innately opposed to our interests and holdings. At the moment their disruption to local politics is useful and they are an arguable asset in the city, however as predators upon trade their future in an Ajnorian Miranmir is in question. Ideally, they could be given a legal mark of claim as privateers of the House.


The Arch Duchess rules over five whole systems and 16 livable worlds in Federation space, but most native Household staff and Houseguard would hail from one of its first handful of worlds.

Voltker Minor The name of the star and the planet, Voltker Minor is terraformed to a near-perfect earth-like match. While Laddon may be the home of Ajnoria it is said Voltker Minor is its heart, home of the Houseguard and most of the House's corporate interests and navy. With its 1.4g gravity, it is half-joked that Houseguard native to the planet have Herculean strength. With a quirk of terraforming meaning near-daily rain, it's also joked that it doesn't matter much underwater.
Laddon A small garden world, terraformed to be lush and beautiful from pole to pole. Colonized soon after discovery of the Voltker Zone, it became the home of the Arch Duchess. To live along the shores of its crater lakes is to know the full luxury of the 29th century. With all heavy industry offworld, much of the planet is the personal domain of the noble family (with a sizable amount of the Household manpower based there), but its cities are home to the upper crust of Ajnorian and Federation society, and its space guarded by the Duchess's fleet.
Zeftarjet An arid planet that any Rokhandan would feel at home on, its cities group around oasies and meager coastlines. Bleached coral blankets its seas hinting at some distant catastrophe, while the salinity of its crystal-clear oceans makes for excellent swimming. That, coupled with the rich purple of its night sky from the nearby Basten nebula, made Zeftarjet a popular vacation destination before the war.
Intentia A rare habitable planet around a red dwarf with a large, growing colony. While the temperature is pleasant year-round, the orange sky and black fungal flora can be an acquired taste, especially with a 45 hour day. While most industry on the planet and its two moons is tuned to expanding itself, mushrooms from its vast farmlands are eaten across Federation space.
Rodya's Hammer Believed to be an ancient, failed terraformed planet, and relegated to little more than a world to train Houseguard and home of a traditional hunt of the noble family. Between its cryptic rock formations, humid jungles that rise up into airless peaks higher than Olympus Mons, to its vicious fauna and flora both, it is too unforgiving and strange for all but the hardiest settlers.
"This.  This is where men are truly forged."  - Lord Marshal Rodya Andreevna
Met, Vester, Obdikar, Whimvana Major colony worlds with little to note. Whether supply outposts along the jump routes or colonies supporting resource extraction, life here is uneventful.