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The Findsmen
Findsmen Logo Black.png
Faction Leader Kip ((Kipperdude))
Senior Staff Vergel ((Amai.Darkfold))
Alignment Neutral
Headquarters Muesum


The Findsmen live on the edges of civilization, their focus is outward, toward the wilds and unexplored regions, reveling in finding fragments of a lost history and unknown technology. They document and attempt to understand the features of the world, the Flora, fauna, ruins from those who came before and their artifacts, as well as the local populations who lived on the planet before it was terraformed.

The goals of the Findsmen are two fold. Firstly, to recover knowledge lost to the past, putting it to use for the benefit of all, keeping such knowledge out of the hands of those who would abuse it, be it Federation, Coalition, or anything else in the wide galaxy. Secondly, to explore and study the wonders of Onina be it natural or historical.  They are scientists, archeologists, explorers, and outdoorsmen from all walks of life who have come together in the belief that they can make the world a better place


The location of their actual base of operations is a closely guarded secret, but the Findsmen can usually be found around the Onia Museum of History in Dusklight's Orbital District.. The group runs the museum as a legitimate business front, using it to gauge potential recruits who show an interest in both the Stygian and the natural history of Onia. Officially the Museum denies any ties to the group, but nearly everyone on the Colony knows that the two are tied together. The group used to reside in a valley outside the city, but trouble with N.O.M. forced them to abandon their previous sanctuary. Members can be found all over the colony, just as likely to be roaming the streets of Dusklight as being out in the Wilds or the Frontier.


Associates These are the newest members, probationary folk. They have shown an interest in the organization as a whole and have put a bit of time into getting into the fold. They are invited into the labs, and on expeditions into the wilds to discover where their interests lie and if they wish to delve further into the organization. They are not privy to all the secrets of the Findsmen, sometimes being kept at a distance from the organization for their own protection.

While most Associates quickly move into higher ranks, taking a more active role in the organization and cause, some prefer to stay in this rank. Being a Findsmen can be dangerous, not just from risky research and expeditions, but membership can put a target on ones back from other organizations, both official and criminal, and staying in this introductory rank keeps that target small. Association lets one support the cause, with lesser risk to themselves, and while allowing them to pursue other ambitions they may have.

Explorer Beyond just the artifacts, Onia itself is a unique planet. Extraordinarily so. Between the W-1 deposits that the Federation is actively mining, the Artifacts and the ruins that were not destroyed by the terraforming process that changed the shape of the world. Someone needs to explore it. To uncover the secrets and document the dangers.

These members specialize in scouting out the planet, discovering ruin sites and gathering vital intel before any excavation. Most items being studied in the lab were brought in by an explorer, be they unique flora and fauna, or mundane artifacts left behind by the native Onians.  In addition these members maybe called upon for more subtle operations. When an artifact falls into the wrong hands, sometimes discretion servers better than brute force. Survivalists, saboteurs, even thieves and spies can find a home in the explorers. Despite some members checkered pasts, their devotion to the cause and ability to get things done earns them just as much respect as the more open Protectors and the Researchers.

Researcher History might not belong to any of us, but there is something to be said for writing it down in a way it can be accessed. Much of the world, and the culture of the natives, was lost to terraforming and exploitation of the planet. What wasn’t lost, and what was instead recovered by our Wayfinders, is open for study, discovering not only what the artifacts can do, but what they were used for in the precursors society.

The researchers are the archeologists, scientists, doctors, and engineers. Those who devote their minds to the cause of the Findsmen are welcome in this rank. While most of the Researchers occupy the lab, nearly every expedition has at least one on their team. In addition the few net runners in the Findsmen often choose this path, their skills highly valued by their fellow Findsmen. While they may not see as much action as the Protectors and the Explorers, from their labs and libraries the researchers are as much responsible for keeping people safe as their more martial counterparts.

Protector The animals on Onia are often hostile, usually difficult to kill, and always hungry. Regardless of how ferocious the beast is, it’s not impossible to tame the wildlife and direct it to labor on behalf of society. While the Precursors may be long gone, many of their defenses remain just as deadly as they were millennia ago. While the Explorers find, and the Researchers study, the Protectors make sure they stay alive to finish the job.

These members specialize in fighting off the dangers of Onia, be they the predatory animals, pirates, poachers and beyond. If it threatens the safety of the Findsmen or Onia, the protector is there to put themselves in its way. These are the fighters of the group, putting their martial prowess at the service of the faction whenever it's needed. Be it fighting off giant bugs on the Frontier, blasting ancient automatons in long forgotten ruins, or even dealing with threats on the streets of Dusklight, a protector is there putting their life on the line for the good of others. Many ex military' soldiers join this group, and while from the outside they may appear to be simple muscle, every member recognizes that without them the cause would have been lost long ago.

Archivists The Archivists are the heads of research, selecting projects and cataloging what has been found, determining what can be displayed in the Onian Museum and making the determinations for what sorts of technology are best to be simply destroyed. They are tasked with heading up research projects, analyzing data from scouts, and making the educated decision on which ruins should be excavated. The Archivists also make the call when determining if personal research is too dangerous to continue, and it is on them to discover how to best dispose of dangerous experiments and technology.

These are the members who are most interested in how we can best use the technology recovered, and making the decisions on what is safe enough to keep and apply to the lives of those around us, what should be simply left alone… or what needs to be destroyed so it cannot be used to ruin the lives of the average citizens.

Wayfinder These are the ones we expect to lead expeditions into the deepest parts of the wild. These members have been part of the organization for a while, and scout out their own trips, set their own priorities. They know the wilds of Onia the way most know their way around their hometown. When with the group they are expected to help coordinate the Explorers, making sure all grounds are covered, and no team is too far out to receive help when distress arises. The Wayfinders manage the logistics of ruin excavations, making sure the Protectors and Explorers are deployed to keep supply lines to far off sites open. In the absence of a Compass or the Cartographer, it falls to the Wayfinders to determine if a situation calls for the deployment of the Protectors or the Explorers. These are the people who lead the fight to protect the natural wonders of Onia from those who would do it harm.
Compass Every organization requires leaders. And every leader requires advisors, a second and third set of eyes, perspectives that a single person would miss.

The Compasses fulfills that role for the Findsman, while the Cartographer charts the course of the faction, the Compasses make sure they are pointed in the right direction. There are always at least two people in this position, offering guidance to the group as a whole. Nearly every one who has achieved this rank rises from either the Archivists or the Wayfinders. No Compass focuses on just one aspect of the cause like the other two ranks, regardless of where they rose from, the Compass has the responsibility of leading the group as a whole, leading research, exploration, and military operations.

Cartographer The title given to the current head of the findsmen. While members are encouraged to seek their own paths, the Director merely points out avenues that are unexplored, and offers a point of unity in situations where the attentions of the entire organization are warranted

The Cause


The Findsmen were founded on the belief that many of Onia’s woes can be traced back to a single source: Artifacts. Whether from the dangerous objects themselves, or powerful factions fighting over control of them, Onia is almost always caught in the middle. Thus the Findsmen were formed to deal with such problems, intent on containing the enigmatic technology of the Stygians, and protecting the people on the frontier world. They are fiercely against the weaponization of Artifacts, and if that is an Artifact’s only purpose, will seek to destroy it by whatever means. Artifacts with other benefits they seek to contain, and study, until they can be used for the benefit of the many rather than the few. Still if an Artifact is believed to have too much potential for misuse, they will seek to destroy it or lock it away. Unlike many other groups hunting for Artifacts, the Findsmen do not do so for their personal gain, or report to any larger governing body. Artifacts are a goal, not a means to an end. Despite their extreme measure in dealing with Artifacts, the Findsmen value the preservation of Stygian ruins found across Onia. They seek to understand the Precursor’s culture and history as much as their powerful technology. This often puts them at odds with treasure hunters, mercenary groups, and others who carelessly ransack the ruins in hopes of a valuable find.

True Artifacts are a rare find, and the group has taken up other causes over time. They have taken it on themselves to defend the frontier, and are particularly invested in studying and protecting what natural wildlife remains native to the planet post terraforming. Those who raid the ruins tend to not treat the colonists out in the Frontier too gently, and the Findsmen’s explorers and protectors are always willing to lend a hand when they can.