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Dusklight Workers Union

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Dusklight Workers Union
Dusklight Workers Union Logo.png
"We do what we must."
Faction Leader
Senior Staff
Alignment Lawful Neutral
Type Workers Union
Headquarters N/A


The Dusklight Workers Union is dedicated to supporting the small businesses that support Dusklight's economy and growth; by giving them access to resources they might not otherwise have such as a legal counsel, medical, and local support from other Union businesses. While membership with the Union is optional to work or run a small Business, Union members are typically paid better due to their leverage.


Founded in 05.01.2798, forty-nine years after Onia's founding in 2749. The first Union President elected at that time was Dusty Scruffington. During his tenure with the bank, he was able to secure a founding stone for which the Dusklight Workers Union was able to form.

Notable Events

  • 05.13.2820 - Freighter collision delayed the shipment of maple syrup, many union businesses falter leaving only the bank and Walter's.
  • 11.06.2821 - 1830 - Scruffy Scruffington is voted as Union President in monumental 100% approval victory.
  • 11.06.2821 - 1831 - Union President Scruffy Scruffington appointed Eight as Union Representative.
  • 11.28.2821 - Union President Scruffy Scruffington is heralded as a hero by the people of Dusklight.
  • 03.08.2822 - Scruffy Scruffington purchased and commisioned the delivery of a decommissioned vintage fire engine from a private collector using funds obtained from Ivan's & Walter's
  • 03.09.2822 - The Dusklight Fire Department offically opens it's comms for the first time in thrity years.
  • 09.24.2822 - Scruffy's been replaced.


Membership is based upon approval by a Union Representative or The Union President, no dues are owed by members.



From highest to lowest.

  • Union President
    • Elected by Union Workers from Union Workers until their retirement or impeachment by Union Representatives.
  • Union Representatives
    • Appointed by a vote of other Representatives from Union Workers until their retirement or impeachment by other Union Representatives or executive order of the Union President.
    • If there is a tie between Union Representatives then the Union President has the final say on if a Union Worker is appointed or not.
  • Union Business Owner
    • Approved by a Union Representative or the Union President as a valid business owner.
    • May hire or fire any Union Worker under their employ after contacting a Union Representative or the Union President.
  • Union Worker
    • Approved by a Union Representative or the Union President for membership as a Union Worker.
    • The only ones allegeable to be Union Representatives or The Union President