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Crafting and Looting System

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Looting and Gear

While participating in combat is not required to enjoy the sim, if you expect or are looking for conflict, then you'll need to gear yourself. While you can choose a starter weapon when setting up your character, you'll need to get the rest of your gear by purchasing from players or crafting it yourself.

Players get 5 Points for Looting each day and 1 point for the ATM.

Players can gather resources from Loot Nodes, and Slats from the ATM. (Everyone receives a base amount of slats, joining a faction can increase your character's income.)

To craft your own gear, you're gonna need loot! The sim is strewn with clickable nodes that give you various goodies from trash to precious metal. Something yellow near a clickable object means it's probably a loot node!

Node example.jpg

Once you've got your items, head to the crafting alley near the landing pad to turn them into something usable, or use the trading channel in the Discord to find someone to sell them to.

Depending on what you are trying to build will determine which bench you use! If you are unsure where an item is built, you can check the hud website for Crafting Locations.

The Hud Website also has a list of required materials.

Crafting bench.png