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Court of Sol

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The origins of the Court of Sol lies in the early 20th century with a book known as the Liber Solis. Written in a language known only to its high priests, the Solar nobility and reportedly, the Solar Emperors, the book has been evangelized to large portions of the galaxy via handouts known as Attestations of the Liber Solis. These works are more or less translations of the holy book with commentary from the priest about meaning. This is often the only way a person can read the book, as translation of it often results in differing interpretations. Whereas one priest may read it and see the uniting message of order through conquest, another might read it and see the sciences as the truest path to appeasing Sol Invictus, chief god of the pantheon.

Regardless of interpretation a few core principles are always found in these works:

1. The Sun is the center of the universe, and stars are our protectors.

2. It is Earth’s divine right to rule the universe, and only through a united empire can chaos be destroyed.

3. Life should be dictated by structure and order, with every person having a role in it.

Though there are some variations and differing interpretations the Solar Empire made it a point to focus upon those ideals.

Due to the distance it has spread, actual rituals and individual means of worship vary wildly among believers. There is no true dogma consistent across all worlds and each planet, and even individual settlements on that planet, may have varying traditions on how they revere the gods.

Adherents are referred to as Solarians.


The Court of Sol is a polytheistic religion, and while it does fixate upon worship of the sun god Sol Invictus there do exist eight minor gods within the religion, sometimes referred to as the Solar Pantheon.

Sol Invictus

The Ruling God. Represented by the sun itself and that which gives life to all of the world. It was the protector of the Earth in its infancy and sentinel against all that might have caused it harm. It is in the cosmos that Sol Invictus makes his court, nebulae, planets and stars his advisors. He is most often devoutly followed by the upper classes and ruling elite, citing him as the reason for why people like them are placed in those positions of power. He is also often revered by the military, as Sol Invictus is known as a protector of life, as well as the being who gives them the divine right to conquer.


The Knowing God. They are true order in the universe, the laws of physics and less the rules that living things might follow and more those followed by the stars and planets. They are often represented with a perfectly reflective silver orb as a head, with a cloak of stars around their body. Some refer to him as simply ‘The Diviner’ for how he knows all that will happen, and all that has happened. His worship is common among scientists, historians, and accountants.


The Deceiving God. Most cunning and careful of all, the spymaster of Sol Invictus. He is the god of clever law and contracts, and deception most of all. He is revered by spies, lawyers, crafty diplomats and all those who wish to use the written law to their advantage.


The Guiding God. He is the god of family and connection, diplomacy and even music to a degree. Considered the most beautiful of all the gods, his domain is more linked to life itself than the actual cosmos. It is believed that his influence created humanity with the touch of divinity granted by Sol Invictus. His main worshippers tend to be family units, caregivers and those who feel they are in search of a purpose.


The Dead God. Unlike in other religions Death is not seen as a necessarily evil part of the universe, simply inevitable. Many priests of the Court of Sol will preach the virtue of accepting death as a simple part of life with the true evil being disorder, and that while resisting it is natural we should not regret a life lost. Most often Andromeda is worshipped by those working in places of great loss, praying for a good death.


The Hidden God. She is considered the god of underhanded gains and secrets. They are the patron god of thieves and gamblers, a luck goddess to those who prefer to invoke her name in a less criminal manner when risky decisions are being made on a whim.


The Warrior God. They are the god of victory, battle, and combat that is fought for a just cause. To a degree they are also the god of justice and revenge, often depicted blindfolded and wielding a spear. They are the patron god of soldiers, with many likening him to the old Norse god of Thor. It is said that those who fight and die in his honor will join him in the cosmos to wage glorious battle as comets hurtling through space.


The Dreaming God. She is the god of creativity and passion, all that is wild and untamed but without the capability for intent. Therefore she is also considered the god of wild nature, often worshipped by hermits and ascetics. Though some of the more artistic members of the entertainment community also pray to her when they feel the need.


The Decaying God. He is the touch of chaos in the galaxy and the only God in the pantheon truly considered ‘evil’ by the priesthood. He is the god of ruin, destruction and knowledge lost to all. His worship is widely discouraged in the Coalition, akin to more of a Satanic figure to draw comparisons to Christianity.