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Character Creation

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This page is currently undergoing major updates. Thank you for your understanding!

New to Second Life

If you're brand new to Second Life, check out the page on Getting started with Second Life.

We suggest getting used to the controls and interface before visiting the sim, as there's a lot of information to take in, and getting comfortable first will ensure you have a better time while you're here.

Visiting the sim

Once you're oriented and ready to go, teleport on over to the sim! You'll arrive in the Lobby, the OOC entrance where you can take a breather and check out the sim before getting yourself set up! Follow the arrows to get started. Please check the Sim Rules before continuing!

Creating a character

Before actually creating a character you should have a good idea of one you'd like to make. Which Race will they be? Make sure your avatar follows the appearance guidelines on the race's page, and the general guidelines for all avatars.

Once you've decided on a race, you should think about their background, pick out where they came from, what they've done and why they're here. A good place to start for a general idea of the sims lore is the Lore Overview page along with the page for the race you've chosen. This background doesn't need to be indepth, but it's a good idea to have something in mind for the inevitable "what brings you to Onia?"!

  • Feral/Quad Avatars require administrator approval before play! Please reach out to us on discord!