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Home of the Poliesu.
Ayun-Ji is an aquatic world and is the capital planet of United Republic of Ayun-Ji.

General Information

System: Jingashi System

Moon(s): Bokun-Ji, Tara-Ji, Mora-Ji

Development level: Moderate

Capitol: Atol-Jul

Population (Planetside): 5,700,000,000 (approx.)

The bright blue gem that is Ayun-Ji is an oceanic world and the ancestral home of the Poliesu species. Its surface is a smattering of small landmasses and small islands surrounded by deep oceans that reach far into the planet's crust. Poliesu cities are unique in that many have layers built deep under water with tall and gleaming spires breaching the surface. The capitol, Atol-Jul, once served as the beacon of civilization for the Poliesu until an incident during the Secession War, in which the infrastructure of the city was wiped out and its population decimated from the catastrophic explosion of the GTNV Wau-Shui. Following the Poliesu's acceptance of becoming a protectorate of the Galactic Coalition, the majority of the surface and deep sea territories were resettled by what remained of the Poliesian civilization, with no shortage of assistance - reluctantly accepted - from the Coalition to aid in the planet's restoration. Interlinked cities have begun to be constructed with Atol-Jul rebuilt entirely to serve as the new political capitol of the United Republic of Ayun-Ji.


Poliesian society developed early on from a smattering of nomadic groups, developed into much larger groups and collectives that eventually formed the Five Kingdoms through which Poliesian history was driven through the ages. Even as part of their nomadic roots, conflict was both a necessity and a way of life for many. To this day, service in the military is considered one of the highest honors one can achieve, even after the Grand Tide's reformation into the United Republic. The tribalistic nature that pervaded Poliesian society for countless years only ended as the Kingdoms dissolved, with three of the major entities converging to become the URP. This dissolution of fundamental understandings alienated many Poliesu, of whom many more left to join the separatist resurgent Grand Tide.